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What is Explorations?

Explorations is a multi-disciplinary online journal of undergraduate research published by the Office of Undergraduate Education. Manuscript submissions are open to current UC Davis undergraduates in all disciplines.

Why publish?

Publishing is impressive for graduate school applications and is an essential skill for academia. It shows employers and graduate schools your ability to write and to carry a project through to a conclusion.

How do I submit my paper?

All submissions should be sent electronically to explorations@ucdavis.edu. A complete submission includes: 1) Your double-spaced manuscript; 2) Faculty Sponsor form; 3) Faculty Release form; 4) Copyright form; 5) Student Contact Information form. Explorations receives submissions on a rolling basis. However, authors are encouraged to meet one of the following deadlines in order to get their article published online during this academic year:

December 15, 2017

March 15, 2018

June 15, 2018

Authors may submit articles at any time, but they will not be published in the hard copy folio until the subsequent spring issue.

What is the review process?

The submission is read by faculty, post docs, or graduate students in the student’s discipline. Two reviewers will assess the submission and give remarks. 

What is the Explorations cover contest?

We are seeking a front cover image to grace the next issue of Explorations. We are looking for talented students to submit an original art image that answers the question, “What does ‘exploration’ mean to you?” An image and “artist’s statement” should be sent electronically as a jpeg and text file, respectively, to explorations@ucdavis.edu no later than Friday, March 16, 2018 by 11:59 p.m.

  • A person exploring a flooded roadside alongside a marsh just before sunrise

    Simon Harris: pondering/wandering (photograph)

  • Photo looking up through the trees of an open center of a bird sanctuary

    Danielle Macedo: Sanctuary (photograph)

  • Photo overlooking Innsbruck in the foreground and the alps and partly cloudy sky in the background

    Hedda Nguyen: Innsbruck (photograph)

  • Photo of the sunset captured in the glass windows of the UC Davis Plant Breeding Center

    Radhika Iyer: Glass Sunset (photograph)

  • Sarah Blythe: Water Goddess (36"x 36" oil and acrylics on canvas)

  • Photo of a silver back male gorilla sitting in a Rwanda forest eating leaves

    Danielle Steinberg: Ingagi (photograph)

  • Photo of the night sky  the milky way visible above a brightly lit Washington Hotel cabin in the woods alongside the Yuba river

    Simon Harris: In the Scheme of Things (photograph)

Be a Part of Explorations!

Apply to serve on the editorial board by submitting a resume, transcript and statement of your interest and qualifications to serve on the board to explorations@ucdavis.edu.  Course credit is possible.  
Graduate students—apply to serve as a Managing Editor by sending your Resume with cover letter listing relevant coursework, transcript, and one professional reference to explorations@ucdavis.edu