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What is Explorations?

Explorations is a multi-disciplinary online journal of undergraduate research published by the Office of Undergraduate Education. Manuscript submissions are open to current UC Davis undergraduates in all disciplines.

Why publish?

Publishing is impressive for graduate school applications and is an essential skill for academia. It shows employers and graduate schools your ability to write and to carry a project through to a conclusion.

How do I make a submission?

Currently, Explorations is going through an exciting transition to a multi-media platform.  Please check back with us Winter Quarter for updated information on submission process and deadlines.

Select the Archives tab above and enjoy previously published issues of Explorations, The UC Davis Undergraduate Research Journal!

  • A person exploring a flooded roadside alongside a marsh just before sunrise

    Simon Harris: pondering/wandering (photograph)

  • Photo looking up through the trees of an open center of a bird sanctuary

    Danielle Macedo: Sanctuary (photograph)

  • Photo overlooking Innsbruck in the foreground and the alps and partly cloudy sky in the background

    Hedda Nguyen: Innsbruck (photograph)

  • Photo of the sunset captured in the glass windows of the UC Davis Plant Breeding Center

    Radhika Iyer: Glass Sunset (photograph)

  • Sarah Blythe: Water Goddess (36"x 36" oil and acrylics on canvas)

  • Photo of a silver back male gorilla sitting in a Rwanda forest eating leaves

    Danielle Steinberg: Ingagi (photograph)

  • Photo of the night sky  the milky way visible above a brightly lit Washington Hotel cabin in the woods alongside the Yuba river

    Simon Harris: In the Scheme of Things (photograph)