The effect of multidrug resistance transporter activity on mercury bioaccumulation in Strongylocentrutus purpuratus pluteus larvae from consuming contaminated Isochrysis galbana

Rae Porter-Blackwell


Mercury (Hg) contamination via prey can be significantly effected by bioacculumation of mercury through trophic levels. However, a complete understanding of how mercury bioaccumulates through trophic levels is not fully understood. This study expands on knowledge of multidrug resistance (MDR) transporters on the uptake of mercury through trophic levels and investigates whether MDR activity in algal cells may alter Hg accumulation. Four-arm pluteus stage larvae of Strongylocentrotus purpuratus were exposed to the MDR inhibitor Reversin 205 and then fed inorganic mercury-contaminated algae. Results show that at the four-arm pluteus stage, S. purpuratus is more resistant to mercury contamination. Reversin 205 exposure resulted in increased survival of plutei, with no significant difference between Reversin Only and Mercury plus Reversin treatements, although overall health was reduced as compared to controls.

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