The student authors and the editor wish to thank the following people for their contributions to the journal.

For their sponsorship of the student authors, we thank the following professors:

John Paul Aboubechara - John Roth, Microbiology  

Claudia Chen - Chris Cappa, Civil and Environmental Engineering  

Melody Chen - Richard Coss, Psychology

Nelson Cheung  - Lori Lubin, Physics   

Miquette Elliott - James Housefield, Design  

Megan Friel  - Blake Stimson, Art History

Becky Fu - Wolf-Dietrich Heyer, Microbiology     

Pamela James - Arytom Kopp, Evolution & Ecology         

Eva Loney -  Michael Lazzara, Spanish     

Wilson Sauthoff - Tessa Hill, Geology       

Sara Schoch - Colin Milburn, English

Celsiana Warwick - Seth Schein, Comparative Literature  

Rosana Womack - Victoria Langland, History  

For their production assistance and editorial advice, many thanks go to the Undergraduate Research Center and the Office of Undergraduate Education, as well as Lisa Wells and Brad Henderson for their invaluable input.